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My Steno Services

Frequently Asked Questions



Why is this a non-accredited training course?

There are no face-to-face training facilities within Australia that teach machine shorthand, and formal qualifications from the ‘90s are no longer available. Most employers will conduct their own entrance exams which are designed to test your stenography skills (such as speed and accuracy) and you will need to pass these skill-based exams to gain employment.

Is this course being offered on any other days and times?

At present I am only able to offer this course on a Saturday. Should there be significant interest in the course, I will look at additional training days for future courses.

What happens if I can't attend a class session?

Just let me know ahead of time if you will be away, and you will be provided with all the materials for any session you miss. 

How much practice or study time is required?

As stenography is a practical skill, students are encouraged to do a minimum of 1-2 hours practice each day to help with learning.

Are there any payment plans with this course?

Yes. Please contact me and I will send you a copy of the Payment Information sheet.

Are there any HECs or subsidies available for this course?

This course is being provided in a private capacity and as a result there are no HECs or subsidies available.

How much can stenographers earn?

Salaries for stenographers vary depending on which industry you work in. Check out these links on salary expert for examples.

I only found out about this training course after the EOI period ended. Can I still submit a late expression of interest?

Sure. Send an email to [email protected] or click on the EOI link to send me a message and I will get back to you.

What happens if the minimum course requirement is not met?

The expression of interest period will continue until minimum course requirements are met, and the proposed timelines will be adjusted as required.

What happens if the minimum course requirement is met?

Students will be notified that the minimum course requirement has been met, and they will be sent an Enrolment Form and Student Learner Questionnaire to complete, in order to finalise their enrolment.

What speed will I reach at the end of this training course?

Speeds attained at the end of the training course will be highly dependent on the amount of time you spend speedbuilding.

Will I need any certifications or qualifications to work as a stenographer within Australia?

Most employers will conduct their own entrance exams which are designed to test your stenography skills

(such as speed and accuracy) on the shorthand machine, and you will need to pass these skill-based exams to gain employment. In the USA, you can sit certification tests online that test your speed and accuracy. Refer to for a list of available certifications.

What is the Realtime Systems Administrator certificate?

A Realtime Systems Administrator certificate indicates the holder completed a two-step process consisting of lectures, followed by a practical assessment of their ability to perform the duties of a realtime systems expert in real-world situations.

What is a Certified Reporting Instructor (CRI) certification?

This is a NCRA certification for teachers of court reporting which encourages excellence in the educational programs that prepare tomorrow's court reporters.

I don't live in Sydney but I'm interested in this course. Do I have to attend every Saturday?

Because this is a specialised skill, I highly recommend you attend a minimum of 1-2 classes per month to maximise learning, stay motivated and engage with other students.

What if I want to withdraw from the course half way through?

There are certain times throughout the course that you can withdraw without paying additional fees. Detailed information will be provided should you choose to enrol for the training.

Am I able to enrol but start the course at a later date?

My preference is to start all students at the same time with one annual intake at the beginning of each year, however if you have a genuine interest to enrol but are unable to start in February, send me an email and we can discuss alternate training options.

Can I do the course the following year instead?

As there is a minimum requirement of students for the course to proceed, there is no guarantee that this training opportunity will be offered every year.